Beyond Rules Fabian Kruse




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Beyond Rules  by  Fabian Kruse

Beyond Rules by Fabian Kruse
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Think for yourself -- yes yes yes!!My natural tendency is to do as Im told. I need all the help I can get breaking out of the expected. Living on autopilot is easy but not satisfying--a waste of life....In the first two days of owning this book, I broke the rules by:- extracting the text of this book and printing in a paper-saving format (sorry, Fabian, your layout was beautiful, but the last thing I need is more screen time!

and your way would have killed a LOT of trees).- walking to the credit union right in the middle of the work day, and then detouring to see a pretty tree, and then detouring even more to walk around in wet grass and look at wildflowers- taking off my wet shoes and socks and sitting at work with bare feet- probably lots of other ways that I no longer rememberWoohoo!A few gems:- Most people dont know what they should aim for or how to reach it.

The problem with most peoples goals is theyre external.Setting goals like this is approximately as effective as collecting stamps as a pyromaniac. (Burn, Blue Mauritius, Burn!)... Internal goals bring together motivation and direction without the price of anxiety during the process or discontentment with the outcome.- Uncertain times?

Experiment. We cant control outcomes, so just try stuff. experimentation as our anti-method- Gentle little huge steps instead of trying to become Super-Me! all at once.- Dont be afraid of failure. Sometimes you cant even chalk it up as a learning experience. We failed, and it sucked, and we didnt learn a fucking thing. Quit making failure a taboo, just try stuff.

Sometimes it wont work- then, try something else.- We dont need another person anymore to strip us of sovereignty, we do it ourselves.-The decision to become decisive is the first one weve got to make. There are plenty of people who want to decide for us, but too bad for them.- When deciding, Consider the objective facts, but dont go against your feeling...

The exception to this is if you identify teh feeling as resulting from rules and limitations you would like to transcend. Also, compare the options you have with your list of values.- Being prepared to change our decisions later isnt being flaky or irresponsible its a necessary strategy against apathy!

As human beings, we simply do not have all the information we would need to make definite decisions. Ex. We may get a divorce if we find out that our husband is a violent idiot. Life is flux, and so are decisions.- Location independence beyond rules is not about moving around all your life, but about knowing you could leave tomorrow, if you felt the desire to do so.- The key to the reinvention of who you are..., is to become someone who ships, Seth Godin writes. --Do your thing, then send it out into the world.

Crucial step.- Live a life worth writing about.This is an excellent book, well worth reading, and its free! Great job, Fabian.

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